Action Replay - Altoona, PA

The First System Ever to Bring Instant Replay to the Small Arena

Extremely affordable – several system options for under $10,000. Ideal for Basketball, Ice Hockey, or any other indoor arena, Action Replay combines two stationary fast-action cameras with a video processing hub, computer system, and eight-foot projection screens to record an event and broadcast it back with a brief delay. The system is fully automatic -- no operator is required.

Never miss another key sports moment!

Use the playback for instant replays or skills development. All events are recorded to the hard drive for future playback or DVD production.

Basic system allows for automatic replay and typically replays live events after a ten-second delay. Two eight-foot screens continually broadcast the action on each half of the arena.

Additional files can be loaded on the PC to broadcast:

  • Player photo slide shows
  • Sponsors or other advertising messages
  • Animations to liven up the game
  • Text messages with stats or other announcements
  • Audio via MP3 player (output to arena sound system)
  • Cameras can be panned or zoomed from the PC as desired. Additional cameras can be added to show the action from new angles or for building security.


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