Blair has developed and manages several million square feet in facilities spread throughout Altoona, State College, Bedford, Tyrone, Bellwood, Woodlands, Duncansville, and Hollidaysburg, PA, along with a few in other states.  

Over 700 acres have been or are under development, along with 2000 acres of timber and waste-coal fields.

Current portfolio of available properties can be found at: Blair Companies Real Estate

Beale Office ComplexAltoonaPA
Summit ParkState CollegePA
Lincoln Avenue BuildingTyronePA
Chemcut Office ParkState CollegePA
Defiance Metal BuildingBedfordPA
TEAM WarehouseTyronePA
American Eagle/Bald Eagle Land Co Tyrone PA
Fairway Drive BuildingAltoonaPA
Blair Sign Altoona PA
North Logan Boulevard BuildingAltoonaPA
Richland PlazaJohnstownPA
SDRState CollegePA
Scott Electric WarehouseDuncansvillePA
South Altoona WarehouseAltoonaPA
Woodlands Warehouse Woodland PA