Blair Asia


Blair has made significant investments in Asia to deliver the critical combination of best-in-class pricing, global quality standards, and US HSSE expectations. To achieve these objectives, Hong Kong-based Blair Asia Ltd employs a talented team in China and the Philippines augmented by several long-standing relationships throughout the region. 

Blair Asia Ltd (HK), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blair Companies (USA), encompasses engineering, IT, CAD, project management, sourcing, logistics, and quality audits.

The Blair Group has been in China since our chemical etching equipment business began selling machines throughout Asia in the early 1970’s. China remains a key market for this business today, and Blair Companies’ numerous Asian endeavors are supported by this key experience and employee base. Our philosophy to ensure the standards our global customers require with the cost structures Asian operations support is to ensure at least three points of contact for every contract manufacturer. Local Blair employees, typically degreed engineers, work in our partner factories and directly source and control all critical raw materials. This isn’t the easiest way to set up a business, but it ensures consistent quality and on-time performance over the long run.